T-LAB Engineering

_The identity of T-Lab, a trailblazing technology and innovation company, was shaped around a vision of a brighter tomorrow. The identity features gradient elements reminiscent of sunshine, symbolizing their commitment to illuminating the future. Soft greens in the palette aim to evoke a calming sense, portraying the future as a positive, inviting place.

_The choice of simple, honest typography conveys transparency and trustworthiness. T-Lab's distinctive logomark encapsulates their dedication to pushing boundaries and advancing together into the future. Overall, the identity blends colours, light and simple typography, to build an aura story of hope, honesty, and collaborative innovation.

This was done as a student work.

Cetraform Design

_The digital side of the identity integrates statistics and an rganic grid of information, embodying the essence of hope, honesty, and collaborative innovation that defines T-Lab.