Yelo bikeshare

_Yelo, the vibrant face of Montréal's bikeshare scene, captures the spirit of the city through its identity, shaped by the energy of the urban lifestyle..

_The fusion within Yelo's name, melding the French word for bicycle, "vélo," with a lively yellow — sets the tone for the brand's energetic personality. The vibrancy within the brand echoes the active life of Montréal, combining the look and feel of the brand into its location

THIs was done as a student work.

Cetraform Design

_Typography became Yelo's voice in this narrative. Leveraging a bold typeface, the look and feel of the brand echoes the lively atmosphere of the city.

Throughout the digital application of the brand, pops of brigt colour on a mutd background add flair to the overall presnce, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm.