Luca is a recently graduated designer based in Sydney, with an enthusiasm for clean layouts and typography. He has commercial experience working with both established studios and
in the freelance space.

LAVO x Tokyo University

Created for an event in collaboration with Tokyo University, this brochure gives an informative overview of the features of LAVO’s Hydrogen Energy Storage System (HESS).

Agency: Studio Air

Client: LAVO


Icon Suite Expansion

Expanding on Studio Air's existing set of generic icons, a set of more niche icons was created for use in sustainable impact reporting. Categories such as food family,
fuel usage, carbon footprint
and waste were included.

Client: Studio Air


Honda CBR
Poster Set

A modern take on the advertising material used in Japan in the early 2000s, these posters highlight the excitement of riding a high power motorcycle. Film photography ties the poster back to a time when a bike like this was still brand new.

Just for fun


Dirty Room Techno

The identity for playlist collection dirty room techno is based around bold, heavy colours. It draws the viewer into an intense and heavy state of mind, mimicking the feeling of techno.

Overlapping elements create a “dirty” feeling, while still keeping the overall identity from looking cluttered.

Client: ZDC


T-Lab Engineering

The identity of T-Lab, a technology and innovation company, was shaped around a vision of a brighter tomorrow. The identity features gradient elements reminiscent of sunshine, symbolizing their commitment to illuminating the future. Soft greens in the palette aim to evoke a calming, positive sense.

The choice of simple, honest typography conveys transparency and trustworthiness. T-Lab’s distinctive logomark encapsulates their dedication to pushing boundaries and advancing together into the future.

Student work


Krease Display

Crafted for loud headlines heavy posters, Krease Display is what you get if you take a conventional typeface, put it into a box (like those square watermelons) and squash it until it becomes almost illegible.

Become a part of the experiment that is Krease Display! Download, modify and redistribute it for free.

Download here!

Just for fun


Yélo Bikeshare

Yélo, the vibrant face of Montréal’s bikeshare scene, captures the spirit of the city through its identity, shaped by the energy of the urban lifestyle. The fusion within Yelo’s name, melding the French word for bicycle, “vélo,” with a lively yellow — sets the tone for the brand’s energetic personality.

The vibrancy within the brand echoes the active life of Montréal, combining the look and feel of the brand into its location. Typography became Yelo’s voice in this narrative. Leveraging a bold typeface, the look and feel of the brand echoes the lively atmosphere of the city.

Student work



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