Museum of
Unknown Technology

_Behind the brand of MOUT is the underlying message of "reveal and conceal", taken from the shifting of reality undertaken by spies in their work. This was brough to life through the brand using faded letterforms, creating an effect as though they are vanishing right before your eyes.

_The secretive nature of the brand is carried through the shadowy tones of the photography, capturing blurry, or partially concealed images of cloudy figures, bringing aN ominous feel to the look and feel of MOUT.

A monotone palette provides the groundwork for the brand accompanied by an application of red, used in key typography, to bring contrast and a clear point of focus to the otherwise flat elements.

THIs was done as a student work.

Cetraform Design

_The logomark also carries the same fade as the text in other areas, striking a balance between legibility and the granular fade used throughout, giving a hint as to what is to come as you dive further into the brand.